I have to admit I'm a die hard fan of this series.

Linda Arditto.


I, Human by Vito Veii

I, Human is an original, thought provoking epic fantasy science fiction series. It has elements of science fiction, action, adventure, epic fantasy, hard science fiction, metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and the paranormal. The series is for those who like to ponder interesting ideas and enjoy an epic story along the way. 

Come on a quest of discovery and adventure as Captain Magnusson, Padre, Vlen, Astra, Ambassador Legari, and others on board the star carrier Veda explore multi-dimensional worlds and alternate realities.

In part one, the epic starts at a slow pace and gains momentum in part two, gathering more momentum with each part added. Altogether, there are 51 chapters in the first volume.

In my fashion, I endeavor to create credible characters and their universe using a robust framework on which to mount interesting ideas.

This book and the others in the series, are dedicated to people of good will and all kindred spirits past, present, and future.

Vito Veii     





Part 1. The New Renaissance

Review by: JohnZak  on Jan. 13, 2015 :
I really enjoyed reading this book, despite it lacking in action somewhat. But hey, science fiction is not always about action is it? As I understand the series, the first part of the story is meant as a prelude of great things to come in the rest of the series, which shows great potential.
The way the author writes enables you to really think you are the character in the book telling the story.
Great Imagination, intriguing and entertaining!

Review by: LindaArditto on March 06, 2014 :  
Vito has created a wonderful world and realistic characters to fill that world. The android itself is on a wonderful journey of self learning and the interaction between him and the human characters is totally believable. The writing style places you right there as everything unfolds.
Looking forward to reading Book II as the adventure continues.
Couldn't possibly give less than 5 stars.
(No I don't know the author)

Part 1 Link:



Part 2. An Androids Soul

Review by: JohnZak on Jan. 14, 2015 :
If you are interested in philosophy, spirituality, Zen, Christianity, and if you want an opinion as to what constitutes a human being, then you will find this part of the story interesting.
Leaving aside the metaphysical thoughts of the author, there are some great concepts in the descriptions of the aliens and their worlds. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Review by: LindaArditto on March 14, 2014 : 
I love the way Vito brings his characters to life with wonderful interaction. This is another fantastic story continuing the androids experiences. The dialogue is wonderful and the locations are terrific.
I'm not going to give away the story, but any sci-fi lover would enjoy this series.

Part 2 Link:


Part 3. The Orbs of Sapentia

Review by: JohnZak  on Jan. 22, 2015 :
Highly creative theories and concepts that are out of this world. If you like Babylon5, startrek, stargate and the outerlimits, you will like this series.

Review by: LindaArditto on Dec. 03, 2014 : 
I never have to think twice about purchasing a book from Vito. His sci-fi fantasy, 'I, HUMAN' is the best I have read. I'll never give away the storyline as I would never take that personal experience away from anyone. I plan on reading parts four and five over Christmas. What a treat for me.
Highest recommendation.

Part 3 Link:



Part 4. The Invisible Spectrum of Light

Review by: LindaArditto on Feb. 24, 2015 :
Another brilliant piece of work by Vito.
This is a riveting story and shows the author has a wonderful imagination as he takes us on this epic adventure.
I agree with JohnZak, lots of intrigue and suspense.
I started at Book 1 and each story is unique but links together nicely.
Couldn't give anything but 5 stars again.

Review by: JohnZak  on Jan. 22, 2015 :
Imagine death playing cards with Mephistopheles, and a ghost planet that protects the solar system. Imagine an epic adventure on a grand scale, with plenty of intrigue and suspense. If you liked the earlier books you will like this one too!

Part 4 Link:


Part 5. The Malevolence of Evil

Review by: LindaArditto  on Feb. 25, 2015 : 
Another brilliant story by Vito.
Once again this author has taken us on an incredible journey. The characters are wonderful as is their interaction, it brings them to life.
I'll never give away the story because I don't want to take away the experience from future readers.
I'm definitely a fan.
A MUST read.
(No I don't know the author if anyone is wondering)
and yes, I pay full price for all the books I read.

Review by: JohnZak on Feb. 02, 2015 :
Here is a complex and well thought out universe waiting for you to discover, populated with interesting and realistic characters. Sit back and relax, as you introduce yourself to mind blowing concepts, theories and technologies. Highly recommended!

Part 5 Link:


Part 6. Infinite Worlds

Review by: LindaArditto on March 08, 2015 : 
This is sci-fi at its best.
Vitos' creation of aliens is brilliant and as he takes you on this remarkable journey, (from a military perspective) I found I was drawn in once again.
The 'I HUMAN' series is my absolute favourite sci-fi.
I've already read this book twice and will start with Part 1 again while waiting for the next.

Review by: JohnZak on Feb. 08, 2015 :
If you like reading about space opera's, complex science-fiction, adventure and the exploration of futuristic ideas, then you may very well enjoy reading this book.

Part 6 Link:


Part 7. The Cosmic Corridors

An Androids' Soul

This short story is about an android who like a human is on a quest to discover if he has a spirit and soul. The android is a metaphor for any human being who has ever asked do I have a spirit? Do I have a soul? And what is the difference between the two? At its core, the android asks what constitutes a human being? There is a whole universe waiting and it's there inside of you.

This short story is intended for readers who have an enquiring nature who enjoy imaginative, creative ideas. This short story is from 'I, Human Part Two An Android's Soul'



Great little short story to get your taste buds going.

Linda Arditto

The Paradox of Tele-Awareness

In this story, I would like to talk about how people will one day be able to travel to the stars from the comfort of their homes, without leaving them, using science and technology. I believe this technology will become available to many people within the next twenty-five years.

Before then, many nations will be sending robots to the moon and the planets, using the technology of tele-awareness to help establish colonies. This story is taken from the book Infinite Worlds in the I, Human series.








I don't know the author. I have never met him or spoken to him except to thank Vito for 'tweeting' a few of my books through social media.

I don't know anyone who knows this author and have posted this page purely as a BIG fan.

Linda Arditto

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vito veii | Reply 19.03.2015 16.47

Thank You Linda you are very kind, I am touched. FYI Part two chpt 8 Vlen's analysis is based on my personal experience & is true. But U knew this didn't you?

Linda Arditto 19.03.2015 16.58

Thanks for that info Vito. I'm sure the readers will get a better perspective knowing this.
Looking forward to Part 7

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