The Diary of John Beaumont

Please Note: This is a 'stand alone' Novella

After reading excerpts from my grandfather’s dairy, I have come to the realisation, that he had a most interesting life. He had taken many risks, which I feel I would not have had the courage to parallel, with the same enthusiasm.

I also discovered that he had loved my grandmother very much, and did what he had to do. I do not disagree with his choices, as I would have been tempted to carry out those decisions myself. He was a courageous man, that paid a price for his errors, but took responsibility for his deeds. I only knew him for a short time, and have fond memories, that will remain with me forever.

I am proud to be his grandson, and hope that anyone who reads about his life, from his own thoughts, will at least admire his intentions.


John Pitt (1853)


Sunday 28th January, 1753.   I have acquired a diary of sorts, a gift from my sister. She informed me that I may write down my thoughts and experiences whilst attending University. I cannot see the usefulness in this, but I will comply.

Friday 16th February, 1753.   I met a most interesting man today in the library. He is older than I by 1 year, and a decent and likeable fellow. His name is Albert Marslow, and he took the senior wrangler honour last year. I believe a friendship has been formed, as we talk on many subjects.

Wednesday 17th July, 1754.   My mathematical equations have improved with the help of Albert. He is a brilliant fellow, and we discuss where our paths will lead us when we graduate. We have researched many topics, and have found a common interest in the Macushi race in South America. Both Albert and I have decided to pursue this research, and discover everything about them by travelling there. We have extended our courses to include horticulture, as we will have to rely on plant life for food in the South American jungle.

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03.07 | 15:30

Thanks C.C. You're very kind.

19.06 | 17:23

We liked finding the clues, the intrigue of not knowing who to trust in the variance of tribes. You really involve the reader in the chapters so its hard to put down. Excellent book, written very well with strength, without the use of vulgar language. Hig

03.12 | 20:10

John I wanted to tell you my ebook is coming out in print Dec 10th & on the back of the cover, 4 reviews from around the world. Yours is one of them. Thank you

29.08 | 02:26

BTW, thank you for all of the wonderful reviews. I hope my stories continue to entertain you.

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