The Unusual Cases of Inspector Martinelli.




Inspector Martinelli decides to take a vacation after his encounters with the vampires in the Vatican. He leaves Rome and flies to Munich in Bavaria, always hoping to meet a ‘Knight of Christ’ and maybe a few ‘Royal’ vampires. His hatred of vampires has sent him on a quest to kill as many as he can but things don’t turn out the way he planned.

The local priest in the village of Abenderstil is being carefully watched by the Knights of Christ, several unexplained deaths after the priest had visited the victims has stirred the Brotherhoods’ interest.

Martinelli decides to help the Brotherhood and maybe kill a few ‘Royals’ along the way but nothing is how Martinelli expected it to be. Spirits rising from the grave and a Nazi connection has Martinelli baffled until he discovers it revolves around missing Nazi gold.

On top of it all the Brotherhood want Martinelli to leave the Royals alone. Martinelli is horrified when a Knight of Christ tells him the vampires are helping them. And what of the priest who the Brotherhood suspect of being responsible? Is he a villain or a victim?

Martinelli discovers a deadly secret going back to 1942. The Royal vampires are up to more than they’re saying. Helping the Brotherhood has never been their intention….and what of the missing children?

Everything changes when Martinelli finally gets to speak to Sister Maria from the Order of St Hedwig and he’s surprised at her connection to everything going on in the village.

Martinelli has a big decision to make which may upset a few people; but does he care? He decides to do whatever is necessary to kill more vampires and help the Brotherhood of the Sword.

How will the Inspector solve this intricate puzzle?

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Stanley Willow | Reply 05.04.2015 15.43

Just thought I'd let you know I've just finished reading Nun with a Gun and will be leaving a review at Smashwords shortly.
Top book !!

Linda Arditto 05.04.2015 15.53

Thank you.

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Thanks C.C. You're very kind.

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We liked finding the clues, the intrigue of not knowing who to trust in the variance of tribes. You really involve the reader in the chapters so its hard to put down. Excellent book, written very well with strength, without the use of vulgar language. Hig

03.12 | 20:10

John I wanted to tell you my ebook is coming out in print Dec 10th & on the back of the cover, 4 reviews from around the world. Yours is one of them. Thank you

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BTW, thank you for all of the wonderful reviews. I hope my stories continue to entertain you.

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