By Linda Arditto



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A Vampire in the Vatican

Luciano Martinelli is fifty-two years old and an Inspector in the Vatican City Police. It’s been an easy life for him until one day he investigates five murders, all taking place inside the Vatican. This starts his journey into a world of evil and deceit, of pagan rituals and murder. As luck or divine intervention has it, an ancient parchment guides him to the final solution…but one piece of information is missing. Will Martinelli be able to work it out to end the threat of Armageddon?

Nun with a Gun

Inspector Martinelli decides to take a vacation after his encounters with the vampires in the Vatican. He leaves Rome and flies to Munich, always hoping to meet a ‘Knight of Christ’ and maybe a few ‘Royal’ vampires. Spirits rising from the grave and a Nazi connection has Martinelli baffled until he discovers it revolves around missing Nazi gold. Martinelli discovers a deadly secret going back to 1942. Everything changes when Martinelli finally gets to speak to Sister Maria and he’s surprised at her connection to what is going on in the village. How will the Inspector solve this intricate puzzle?

The Aesinas Codex

Inspector Martinelli is summoned to the Vatican two days after he returns from Bavaria. The pontiff is concerned that the Aesinas Codex, an ancient text sought after by Himmler and the Gestapo during world war two, has been high jacked from an armoured truck while being transported to the Vatican City. Martinelli is told that the satchel containing the codex included a separate single page that had never been translated. On the request of the Brotherhood of the Sword the Inspector finds himself back in Germany as the newly formed fourth Reich is suspected of the theft. He finds himself kidnapped by the fourth Reich and is surprised at what he finds. His interest is sparked when he discovers a vampire connection. Will Martinelli eventually find the codex? Will he discover why it was stolen? And will he be able to work out why the extra page is so important. Join Inspector Martinelli as he seeks the most terrifying vampires yet.

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Book Launch at Laidley Library, 5th November, 2015

A most enjoyable day was had at the launch of 'The Unusual Cases of Inspector Martinelli' which took place at Laidley Library in the Lockyer Valley, S.E. Queensland, Australia.

The branch manager of the library, Nicole Kilah, created a wonderful poster announcing the event, and supplied Devonshire tea for all who attended.

It was a nice turn out, some familiar faces, but the majority were total strangers, and I met some lovely people whom I hope to see again. The staff at the library were very helpful and made everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

A great day ! 😀🙂

                           Linda Arditto

THE TORANS OF ANDOR Release date March 2016



Was it an accident or fate which drew Peter to discover the magical Toran jewel? Did whoever or whatever that left this jewel behind intend for him to find it on a particular day with a particular intent? Passing through the portal via the jewel, our unlikely and rather cowardly hero soon finds himself thrown into a world of Volitos, Maytols and dwarf-like forest people.

Under the guidance of Agravain, our young hero must translate the Book of Ages to save the world from total destruction. Along the way, he experiences true love with the beautiful Katell. He also finds friendship and comraderie with some rather dubious characters all while struggling through the right of passage into manhood.
But, not all is as it seems. Friends soon prove to be enemies, enemies soon prove to be friends. Lies melt into truth and become so mixed that it is unclear which path Peter must follow. Will his misplaced trust turn his world into a nightmare? Will he live to see his family again and save this alien world as well as his own?
With the magic of C.S.Lewis and Roland Emmerick. Linda Arditto has composed a tale that's hard to put down, a tale that makes you want to turn the next corner to see where it will all lead.
By P.S.

A brief explanation and an understanding of: ‘The Torans of Andor’


Temporal mechanics is the study of time, its processes, and consequences of its change. It is an enormously complex subject because of the infinite interrelationships between each object in a temporal continuum.

Sometimes effect can proceed cause. The reaction can be observed before the action that initiated it.


Temporal Paradox, the causal loop, also called a bootstrap paradox, ontological paradox, or predestination paradox, where an event influences the past and causes itself to occur, or where an object originates through time travel, only to be sent later to the time when it originated, thus having no discernible independent origin. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.




Torans are gateways; in Peters’ case they are gateways that take him to other places and sometimes a different time.




Andor. Andor is a highly respected warrior from the first age. Peter and Katell are the only people to meet Andor in the first age, and have the capabilities to move to another age.



24tg March 2016


Laidley Library. 10am

Gatton Library. 1.30pm

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We liked finding the clues, the intrigue of not knowing who to trust in the variance of tribes. You really involve the reader in the chapters so its hard to put down. Excellent book, written very well with strength, without the use of vulgar language. Hig

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