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Recommended reads by Linda Arditto


Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria

By Rahma Krambo

In the wrong hands, some books can be dangerous—and some libraries can be positively deadly. A small town library cat and newly appointed Guardian of an ancient mystical book finds otherworldly creatures roaming through the stacks after hours. The young tabby is ill-prepared for the daunting task of safekeeping the magical book of power—as well as the very heart and soul of the library.

A 5 star read. L.A.


Adventures in the Realm of Faerie

By Ch'kara SilverWolf

Step into the world of faerie and allow your wonder to run riot with some new friends and their happy adventures. Frolic in the sun and meet some delightful characters, who will share your hopes and dreams as they discover the fun and fantasy of the fey world; it is just a step in time and space.

Wonderful story if you really like fairies :) L.A.


Guide to Photographing Birds

By Harold Stiver

A Systematic Guide for Beginner and Intermediate Bird Photographers
Equipment Section with information on DSLR Cameras and Accessories, Digiscoping and Remote Photography
The Settings Section covers camera settings and Long Lens Technique
Fieldcraft looks at Finding and Approaching birds, Recordings, Blinds, Baiting, Weather and Flight shots
Where to Find Birds
Composition and Image Editing

An excellent book like others in this series. L.A.




Men are from Mars, Women are INSANE or The Little Guide to Women

By Chris Mauns

"Men are from Mars, Women are INSANE" is YOUR first line of defense vs the madness the female mind holds!

In a humorous but scary way it will guide you through the treacherous waters of the relationship and give you an idea of what you can expect from your woman, and even better: How to deal with it!

You cannot afford to NOT read the Extended Description!!

The funniest book I've ever read....and it's true! L.A.


The Heart of Applebutter Hill

By Donna W. Hill

Imagine you're 14 and in a strange country with your camera, your best friend and her dog. You uncover a secret and are instantly in danger. Join Baggy, Abigail and Curly Connor as they sneak around Bar Gundoom Castle and row across an underground lake. The powerful Heartstone of Arden-Goth is hidden nearby, and a spy is unleashed to seize it. Compelled to unmask the spy, they can't trust anyone.


The Soul Project

By Michael Arnold

Zion's life changes when she is taken from her planet Scarcity to First World along with hundreds of her people. When her superhuman powers are discover by a employee name Eisenhower within the prison,both there lives take on an epic journey when he decides to break her out of prison.



The Lady of the Roses

By Vito Veii

This short story is for all the lonely people who never found that special someone to complete them. Be assured, that whether in this life or the hereafter, eventually one will be provided for you, if that is truly what you desire. Until then be the best that you can be, fantastic as this story may seem this story is true based on the author's own experience believe it or not.


I should have recommended this a long time ago. A story that touches the heart and highly recommended to everyone. L.A.

In fact all Vitos' work is of a high standard. Not only in his writing style but the content is nothing short of brilliant. I'm definitely a fan. L.A.


I, Human Part 1

By Vito Veii

I, Human, is an original thought-provoking, fantasy science fiction series, concerning the adventures of an android and his companions as told by his captain.

What if androids become greater than the sum of their parts? What then? However, the series is not just about androids and action; it is about the metaphysical and the paranormal. The aim of the series of novels is about entertainment as well as education. It forces us to ask questions about what constitutes a human being.

Come on a quest of discovery and adventure as Vlen, Padre, Captain Magnusson, Astra, Ambassador Legari, and others explore the inner and outer universes that exist within the same space that humans inhabit simultaneously.
I have written this series of books for fantasy and science fiction lovers, who possess an enquiring mind and enjoy an imaginative journey with interesting ideas along the way.

The first book in the series is used to introduce some of the characters, and establish the genesis of some of the main ideas contained within the series. In part one, the epic starts at a leisurely rate, (Slow) gaining new momentum in part two, with further energy generated with each additional part because of action, mystery, intrigue and interesting concepts coming into play.

In my fashion, I endeavour to create credible characters and their universe with a solid framework on which to mount interesting ideas.

This book and others in the series are dedicated to people of good will and all kindred spirits past, present, and future.



A must read for anyone who is into sci-fi. I absolutely love this series. L.A.



by A.D.Nance

The main character searches his galaxy and beyond for the Source. He discovers that a fabled world similar to his own actually exists. Part One contains two events in his childhood that are very memorable.


Enjoyable introduction to bigger things. L.A.



At last it can be told: the full story of Buck Stardust's undercover mission to foil a terrorist plot.



James Holt writes the funniest stuff I've ever read.

I recommend all his hilarious stories.

Linda Arditto



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Vito | Reply 11.03.2015 19.24

Hi Linda,
I just want to say thank you for all you great reviews and wish you the best. ) Someone is mentioning you on twitter. Vito

Linda Arditto | Reply 08.05.2014 10.01

It's a good book and was a pleasure to recommend.

Donna W. Hill | Reply 08.05.2014 07.26

Thank you for including The Heart of Applebutter Hill in your recommended reads list! We're using it for blindness CR. Giveaway at http://donnawhill.com

Chris Mauns | Reply 11.04.2014 04.31

I am honoured and proud to be listed here, and to see that MY book is The funniest you have ever read has put a permanent grin on my face!

Thank you Linda! =)

Linda Arditto 25.04.2014 14.27

I always tell the truth. I must have read this book a dozen times to date.

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John I wanted to tell you my ebook is coming out in print Dec 10th & on the back of the cover, 4 reviews from around the world. Yours is one of them. Thank you

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