inc. The Beast Within

The title may confuse some readers as it did  my publisher, so I will explain.

'A Crack in Time' is the prelude to the full book "The Beast Within'.


'The Beast Within' is the continuation to complete the story.


England 1851, Queen Victoria is on the throne, the year of the ‘Great Exhibition’ and the building of the Kings Cross Railway Station. ‘Big Ben’ hadn’t been constructed and London is filled with poor and destitute souls living in the filth of the slums.

John Pitt is a twenty six year old single man living in Oxford England with his mother and two sisters. He has graduated from the University with a degree in Natural Sciences. After travelling through Africa he sets out to write a book about how man has evolved into what he believes to be superior intelligence.

When his grandfathers’ watch is discovered, it shows him a similarity between primitive man and modern man, but John Pitt is searching for the truth no matter where it may lead him.

He accepts a wager from his publisher who doesn’t agree with his findings and makes a trip to London. Can his intelligence and education ensure his survival? Or will his situation and frame of mind release; ‘The Beast Within’.

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances publication is delayed. Estimated date is now May, 2014. An abridged version will be published first and then an unabridged version with an alternate ending will be published later in the year.



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Greg Kime | Reply 06.12.2013 14.50

Looking forward to reading this ebook

Linda Arditto 06.12.2013 15.20

Happy to send you a coupon so that you can be one of the first to read it

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03.07 | 15:30

Thanks C.C. You're very kind.

19.06 | 17:23

We liked finding the clues, the intrigue of not knowing who to trust in the variance of tribes. You really involve the reader in the chapters so its hard to put down. Excellent book, written very well with strength, without the use of vulgar language. Hig

03.12 | 20:10

John I wanted to tell you my ebook is coming out in print Dec 10th & on the back of the cover, 4 reviews from around the world. Yours is one of them. Thank you

29.08 | 02:26

BTW, thank you for all of the wonderful reviews. I hope my stories continue to entertain you.

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