A Vampire in the Vatican 'Brotherhood of the Sword'


Luciano Martinelli is fifty-two years old and an Inspector in the Vatican City Police. It’s been an easy life for him until one day he investigates five murders, all taking place inside the Vatican. This starts his journey into a world of evil and deceit, of pagan rituals and murder. Martinelli secures the help of a young priest who works inside the Vatican, Father Graeco, who always tries to ‘help where he can’. The Holy Father is on Martinellis side but there are others within the Vatican that would like to see him dead. Who will he trust? Inspector Martinelli learns a hard lesson when he makes a mistake, an error in judgement that comes with a high price. Killing vampires is difficult for the experienced, and Martinelli has to use his wits to stay alive. When he is at his lowest, help comes from an unexpected source. As luck or divine intervention has it, an ancient parchment guides him to the final solution…..but one piece of information is missing. Will Martinelli be able to work it out to end the threat of Armageddon?




A longer sample is available in 'The Unusual Cases of Inspector Martinelli Book 1'.



REVIEWS (unedited from Smashwords.com)

DumbBlonde on Nov. 21, 2014 :  
            Good story. Easy to read and lots of different things happening throughout. Kept me interested to the very end.
Most enjoyable.

Kevin Fontain on May 19, 2014 :  
            Bought this book ages ago and didn't get around to reading it until today. Great story. I really like the characters and the storyline moves along nicely. The end was a big surprise.
Highly recommended.

Chris Frey, Jr on May 19, 2014 :  
            What a great story. I like the characters and the storyline. The ending was a surprise too. Smart guy Inspector Martinelli.
Easy read which is what I like.
Never a dull moment with this book.

DanielCarter on March 22, 2014 :  
            Great story, but I found it a little scary in parts. Didn't know what was coming next and the ending was a big surprise.
Nicely written.

RIP32 on March 11, 2014 :  
            This is my first attempt at writing a review so here goes.
I enjoyed every part of this book. It follows the path of an Inspector Martinelli from the Vatican City Police. He doesn't believe in vampires but when everything seems to point that way he goes with the flow. He adapts very well. The story is wonderful and not really scary but is believable.
I think this is how it would happen if it was really going on.
Lots of mystery and very easy to read and follow.
Good ending.

sandra Bell on March 07, 2014 :  
            Didn't take long to get past the background story and the rest was wonderful. Not really spooky but very believable. Inspector Martinelli is a great character, he seems like an ordinary guy which is another thing I liked. He tries to plan ahead but with no knowledge about vampires he does very well. A couple of 'shockers' through the story and it didn't get boring at anytime (I didn't have to 'skip' pages).
Great ending that I would never have guessed.

Harry Kay on March 06, 2014 :  
            Found this book a bit slow at first but finished up a great story. Really like the Inspector and Franco, Graeco and the coroner. The characters are good. Lot's of different things happening which keeps it interesting. It's definitely believable and a most enjoyable read.

Lorna Smith on Jan. 17, 2014 :                           
            Wonderful light reading. The author is very versatile with her writing skills and covers multiple subjects in her books.
Like other reviewers I found it believable and showed the Catholic church in a good light.
The characters are well rounded without giving us an in depth description of them which leaves some mystery. I agree it was sad in parts and funny in others, a nice balance.
A few surprises which added to the intrigue.
A good read to start after dinner and finish by bedtime.
I am going to make a point of leaving it for a week and reading it again.

Trevor Compro  on Jan. 13, 2014 :  
            Good story with interesting characters. Very believable and quite a few surprises. Different than I'd thought it would be.
The ending was great.
Highly Recommended.

TrentF on Jan. 08, 2014 :               
            Another great book which makes this author a winner with me.
Believable story and totally different from all the other stories I've read from this author.
Nice and easy to read which is what I like and didn't take me that long to read (an afternoon).
Highly recommended if you like vampire books without romance interfering.

Peter Stephan on Jan. 02, 2014 :               
            I've read this book three times and I haven't finished with it yet. Nice and easy to read, very realistic and I like the characters. I agree its both funny and sad in parts with lots of surprises especially at the end.

Duncan Dennis  on Dec. 31, 2013 :   
            I really enjoyed this story. Haven't had time to do much reading lately but this was a pleasure to read. Written simply so even I could read it with no hiccups. Definitely a winner for me that I will read again soon.

Philip Brewster on Dec. 27, 2013 :                           
            Bought this a while ago and didn't get around to reading it. What a great story! Like the other reviewers I like the characters and the storyline. Very believable. Easy to read. Doesn't offend the church. Could have happened and we wouldn't know.

Rachael Martin on Dec. 15, 2013 :  
            Read this today.
Great story and if it became a movie I'd be first in the queue to buy a ticket.
The other reviewers have said it all and I can't think of anything to add.
This is my style of book.

 John Spencer on Dec. 07, 2013 :
Great story. Yes I'd like to see it on film. Not complicated to read which made it a pleasure. Good characters. Enjoyable storyline and different from other vampire books I've read.
Finished nicely which gave it a good conclusion but did leave room for a follow up.

 Mary Clyde on Dec. 04, 2013 :
This author was recommended to me as I'm not much of a book reader.
I found it a good story. I liked the Inspector and his off sider Franco. Full of surprises. Didn't get bored at any time which is what I like in a book.
Easy to read and a terrific ending.
It was a pleasure.

John Toad on Dec. 03, 2013 :
Love the story and was not bored at any point.
Not much I can say as the other reviewers have said it all.
5 stars for the way it's written and the storyline.

Daniel Lockyer on Nov. 29, 2013 :
This author was recommended to me and I'd thought I'd give this one a look first.
Really enjoyed the story. I didn't get to see the short stories a few talk about but to read it in one sitting was great.
Nice flowing storyline. Good characters, who aren't perfect.
Interesting twists. Lot's of surprises.
Yes, funny and sad.
Cool ending. :)
Easy to read.

 cassy arditt on Nov. 28, 2013 :
WOW this was totally different than the last book I read by this author. Great story and spooked me a little, just a little. :)
Fascinating characters, just like ordinary people. Nicely written, I found it easy to follow which was relaxing.
Yes it was funny and sad. Very sad. I didn't click to what was going to happen so it surprised me.
Story is believable, lots of mystery and the end was terrific, it just wrapped it all up.

 David Mantor on Nov. 27, 2013 :
Just finished it. What a great story. I thought the lemons were funny too.
This guy, Martinelli is having to sort this out on his own and doing a great job most of the time.
The sad part others are talking about was quite a surprise although I did suspect something was wrong before it came out.
I get the idea after the first encounter with a vampire, Martinelli had some warning from a higher plane. Yes, he was meant to be there at the end even though there were those on the same side that didn't want him there.
Easy reading. Great story all the way to the finish.

 Freda Mantor on Nov. 10, 2013 :
Superb. Excellent storyline. Wonderful down to earth characters.
You don't know what's going to happen next.
I enjoyed every part of this book.

 Tom Canter on Nov. 06, 2013 :
I'm another that has been waiting for this book to be published.
I was not disappointed.
What a great story. It took me four hours to read which was perfect for me.
I read the other reviews but don't believe I could have managed what Martinelli did. I suppose he figured he had nothing to lose.
Very believable storyline. Yes, it gets faster and faster as it continues. BIG surprise with one of the main characters, very sad.
Very good 'twists' through the book and the ending is incredible (as far as storytelling goes) .
The parchment is definately the key to the whole outcome, except the final page.
As Daryn said, it doesn't offend the Catholic church. I didn't think so and it's explained why a vampire is in pain when a crucifix is before them. Great stuff.
5 stars again foir the author.

 John Bull on Nov. 06, 2013 :
Sad in parts, funny in others.

 Britanny Lowden on Nov. 06, 2013 :
Great ending!!
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this story.
Full of surprises and very realisic.
Yes, it would make a good film.
5 stars.

Bess Torman on Nov. 04, 2013 :
I read the three shory stories and was waiting for part 4 when I discovered the author had brought it out in one book.
I love this story. The many twists that turn up through the book, the Inspectors frustration, the wonderful characters.
I agree with Bronwyn, we could do this in the Inspectors situation, a little courage, a lot of intelligence and a damn good reason.
The ending was fantastic and I could never guess what was coming up next as I turned each page. It is believable and it was good to get away for awhile from fantasy vampire books. (I do know this is fiction)
I highly recommend this book, but don;t read it late at night like I did.

Samantha Kirk on Nov. 02, 2013 :
This book was recommended to me by a friend. I don't normally read books about vampires but she was so insistant. I'm glad I read this one.
Great story. Sad. Funny. Very believable.
The unexpected is always happening and this book MAKES SENSE. The clues are there and I actually went back a few times to make sure things weren't happening that hadn't been mentioned.
An excellent read and a great story.

 Gregory Kime on Nov. 01, 2013 :
It seems I wasn't the only one waiting to read the rest of this story.
I love the characters in this book. They are believable as is the storyline.
I enjoyed all the surprises and there are a quite a few especially at the end. It's a rollercoaster ride as it's written from the inspector's perspective.
You can see him mentally deteriorating as time passes. His guilt comes across very well which makes him a 'real' person. It isn't predictable and that's another thing I liked. I recommend this book to those that enjoy mystery and suspense.
It is written simply and the author is a great storyteller.

Daryn Walters on Nov. 01, 2013 :
Like Bronwyn I grabbed this book as soon as it appeared too. It seems like I'd been waiting for ever to read the rest of the story but it's only been a few weeks.
Where do I start?
Yes, it starts slow but I'm happy with that. Getting to know the characters and crimes that the Inspector has no clues to guide him. Then the piece of parchment appears. This is the key to everything but you don't know this. The author makes you believe it only assisted to solve the first group of murders. There is a great 'twist' at the end of the first part. Very clever. But then we move on, different murders that young Father Graeco helps with. He is really likeable as is the coroner.
I love the bit about the 'lemons', very funny.
Then it gets down to serious business, the Inspector is really screwed over and blames himself for what happens. This is the sad part (I'm not giving it away).
His attitude changes from this point, he starts to smoke again (gave it up 5 years ago). Then he meets a 'Knight of Christ' (probably shouldn't have mentioned that). This is when things start moving fast and you see the pieces fitting in to place as does the Inspector.
I like him very much, and yes, like Bronwyn I believe it could be in all of us to do this but the Inspector is very intelligent and has a good memory, probably why he made Inspector in the first place.
It keeps you going to very last page. I'd love to see it in movie form and I didn't feel that it offended the Catholic Church at all. Very believable story.
Easy to read which is what I like after a hard day at work.
Worth every cent of the price.

 Bronwyn Pillar on Nov. 01, 2013 :
I grabbed this book as soon as it appeared. After reading the first three parts that were here as short stories I had to read the rest.
I noticed it had been revamped (excuse the expression) .
What a fantastic story. It starts slow and then accelerates, by the time I was just over half way I couldn't put it down, all the way to the last page.
First there's a 'twist' and an easy kill. Then it gets more intriguing but the Inspector handles everything wonderfully. The next part is heartbreaking as you now know the characters. A trip to the 'bowels of the earth' and a real scare during the second part. The main character is totally believable as is the story. Anyone could do what he did, all you would need is a little courage, a good reason, and a bit of intelligence. I'm going to curl up tonight with a hot chocolate and read it again. :)

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Daniel Carter | Reply 23.03.2014 14.06

This is a top book. I don't think I've enjoyed a vampire story so much. Not that I can remember. I just left a review.

Linda Arditto 23.03.2014 14.08

Thank you.

Samantha Kirk | Reply 08.12.2013 20.02

I'd like to ask a question, if you say no that's ok.
Could I ask the questions if you decide to post an interview on Smashwords?

Linda Arditto 08.12.2013 20.49

Are you serious !!
Send me a list of questions at ebooks@lindaarditto.com

Samantha Kirk | Reply 03.12.2013 20.38

I noticed on Smashwords that there is author interviews but you don't have one. Is there a reason for this?

Linda Arditto 03.12.2013 20.42

No reason except no one has brought it up before

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