Volitos Village

Before us was a valley of water, a huge lake with small patches of land covered in long grass and reeds. Between these patches were huts about three feet above the water on poles, each connected to the other with a series of walkways and ladders. Quote fromThe Torans of Andor 'Out of Time.'

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John Bull | Reply 02.12.2013 08.17

I love this world you've created.

Linda Arditto 03.12.2013 20.49

Thank you, I'm pleased that you enjoy it.

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03.07 | 15:30

Thanks C.C. You're very kind.

19.06 | 17:23

We liked finding the clues, the intrigue of not knowing who to trust in the variance of tribes. You really involve the reader in the chapters so its hard to put down. Excellent book, written very well with strength, without the use of vulgar language. Hig

03.12 | 20:10

John I wanted to tell you my ebook is coming out in print Dec 10th & on the back of the cover, 4 reviews from around the world. Yours is one of them. Thank you

29.08 | 02:26

BTW, thank you for all of the wonderful reviews. I hope my stories continue to entertain you.

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