If you're into horror, then here is a new indie author from Great Britain who will knock your socks off.

Caroline Wood has appeared on the scene from nowhere.

This is definitely an author to keep a close eye on.

Oh, don't forget to remove your adult filter at Smashwords if you want to find all her books.


Linda Arditto


Like short stories to leave a mark, stay in your mind long after you've finished reading?
These dark, off-kilter tales will worm their way into your thoughts. Will make you laugh, cry, shiver and squirm.
Here, ordinary people lead far from run-of-the-mill lives, but you'd never guess until you look behind closed doors.
And you'll never look at discarded shoes the same way again...     

  Dark, sometimes comic tales, Grave Misgivings is a collection of short stories from the dark side of human nature - ordinary people leading extraordinary, secretive, strange or just downright odd lives. The misfits, outsiders and loners - all with a story to tell, a life to delve into...
Grave Misgivings deals with everyday madness, love, death and taxidermy - peering through keyholes to allow glimpses of the best, worst and weirdest of human behaviour. Small acts of kindness that bring joy to dull lives, coldness that destroys love, and unexpected encounters with death are some of the themes in these twisted tales. Nothing's quite what it seems. Beware the sting in these tales.           




Review by: Carol Shoar on May 16, 2015 
Definitely weird, bizarre and strange stories.
This author has a great imagination and I liked every story in this book.
Thank you for the free read.

Review by: C. Bryce on May 14, 2015 
WOW. What a great collection of weird and wonderful stories.
I enjoyed every one of them.

Review by:Lorna Smith  on May 12, 2015 
I found this collection of short stories at another website otherwise I never would have looked for this book.
I agree with the other reviewers, this is a collection of wonderful, bizarre and intriguing stories. Each is unique and the author is a very talented writer indeed.
Caroline Wood shows great versatility in her writing skills and I do not hesitate in giving this collective works the highest recommendation. 5 stars is too few.


Review by:Trevor Compro on May 10, 2015 
Oh yeh, this is the kind of stuff I like. I agree with Linda, bizarre, creepy, scary, twisted.
A great read and plenty of stories, each totally different.


Review by:Linda Arditto on May 05, 2015 
Had to write this again as I made a gramma error the first time HaaaHaa.
I've only read half this book but it is enough to be able to leave a review.
A few words come to mind; bizarre, creepy, scary, twisted, oh I could go on.......
I wish I could write as well as Caroline Wood.
She is an author in the true sense of the word.

They say; 'A professional author is an amateur author who didn't give up.'

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book and look forward to reading her other works.


Review by:Frances Clarke on May 04, 2015 
These are robust, vivid stories crafted from startling ideas; in Growing Things buried animals are reborn as if they are plants. In Foothold, a woman has hands for feet. Wings – I don’t get the title, but the story is a well-written feast of gothic sumptuousness and in Shaggy Dog Story a son sends his mother telepathic pictures of what he wants.... the whole collection bristles with surprises and sometimes it's dark and sometimes it's funny - definitely a writer to watch. Highly recommended.


Review by:GODFREYGOODBODY  on April 25, 2015  
What a great collection of stories, all very different but with a common thread of 'what the...' running through them. Some you really don't want to read before you go to bed at night, like the title story. Others, like Growing Things, have such wonderful characters, Cobb for instance, that you can't help but become attached to. And if you've ever had to undergo a day's crap training, and we all have, you'll fall over laughing reading Touchy Feely...well to begin with you will.


Review by:JMMorris  on April 15, 2015 
Marvellous stories. I await more.


What the hell's in the cupboard under the stairs?
Why does the neighbour always wear an apron?
You're unlikely to meet anyone as hideous as Noah Quince, but somehow he'll get under your skin, make you wonder why he's so vile. This deeply dark, comic novel tells the story of a man unravelling into madness, and explores the power of obsession.

Darkly comic and disturbing, Noah Quince is the story of obsession, control and a misguided search for love.
Terrifying discoveries in his house, rumours about his absent, ancient neighbour and the mysterious disappearance of little boys, cause Noah's life to spin out of control. His ordered existence begins to unravel into chaos, fear and madness.
Although undeserving of friends, Noah is offered loyalty and kindness by Helen and Godfrey, but can they save him from himself?
And what's in the cupboard under Noah Quince's stairs?
Laughter collides with fear as Noah's story seeps into your reluctant consciousness.




Review by: Lorna Smith on May 14, 2015  
Noah Quince is a pathetic little man who doesn't recognize love or friendship that's directed at him. The fears which stem from his childhood are brought forward into his adult life and in turn became part of his delusions and hallucinations.
I found this novel a pleasure to read even with the mild adult content, everything fitted nicely.
I can understand why Linda Arditto had difficulty putting it down as I had a similar problem. I agree it's a riveting story that's so well written it had me hooked. (It took me all day to read).
Another book by Caroline Wood that I thoroughly enjoyed.
I look forward, with great anticipation, to more books from this author.

Review by:Linda Arditto on May 08, 2015 
Where do I possibly start with this novel?

Ok, Noah Quince has mental health issues, that becomes obvious as you turn the pages. Both Noah and the characters around him interact wonderfully. (It's difficult to review this without giving away the story).
I made the mistake of starting this novel just before dinner time. (I like to be in bed by 9.30pm)
I have a very early start each morning and found it difficult to put down. (obviously I didn't have the willpower)
Then I had a brilliant idea, (didn't quite turn out the way I planned)
I hadn't charged my IPhone 6+ (nice big screen) so thought if I didn't charge it and downloaded the book to there I could read it in bed and when the battery died I would be forced to stop for the night. Good plan? (I thought so)
Well I hadn't accounted for Apples new technology with batteries and finished the book a little after midnight (9% battery left).
Needless to say the book was riveting.
No I don't know the author.
Yes I pay full price for all the books I read.
P.S. The end did surprise me. I didn't know he was going to do that.

Review by:GODFREYGOODBODY on April 25, 2015 
Wow. for readers of a nervous disposition. The title character here is astonishing, you've never met anyone quite like this, or you'll hope you haven't or you'll never admit to knowing them. And it's not just him, all the characters are really three-dimensional, well-rounded and feel totally real. The story rattles along and you can't wait to find out what happened next. Although at times you're probably not sure you do want to know what happens next. Great read, can't recommend highly enough. Try out the free book of short stories by the same author. This isn't a one-off, not by a longway

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Thank you so much for this, Linda. It's great to have a space on your website. Very big thank you.

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It's an absolute pleasure.

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